System Alpha

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Designed and manufactured by Labfurn, System Alpha has been used in a wide variety of laboratories throughout Southern Africa, and is based on tubular framework forming the structure to support the worktops and surfaces, thus enabling easy access for the plumbing, gas, electrical or any other service connections. In order to combat corrosion, all mild steel components undergo a degreasing and phosphoring process, before being epoxy powder coated to render a final product that is perfectly suited to any laboratory application. The cupboards are then independently hung into the framework support after all the services have been installed, and can be moved in and out at will, thus giving total flexibility to the system. This offers many advantages as follows:

All cupboards are installed off the floor, which facilitates easy cleaning.

Units can be added or removed if basic needs change, without altering the basic superstructure.

Any maintenance work to the services is facilitated by the easy removability of the units without upsetting the superstructure.

The steel framework and melamine cupboards can be manufactured in any designer colour as requested by client or architect. All cupboard door and door fronts supplied with matching 3mm high impact edging.

Manufacture of all units is based on the 1000mm or 1200mm Module, measured between the centre line of the steel frame.
For ease of identification on drawings, each cupboard carries its own code, broken down as follows:
The initial number 10, 12, 5 or 6 indicates the cupboard width 10 = 1000mm, 12 = 1200mm, 5 = 500mm, 6 = 600mm.
The letter C = Doors only, D = Drawers, (followed by the number of drawers) B = Dustbin unit, CS = Sink unit, the (L) indicates a Low Desk unit.